Senate to Vote on Mumia's Lawyer Tuesday for DOJ Post

The U.S. Senate has delayed the vote on Debo Adegbile for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights until Tuesday because of the impending winter storm in D.C.  A storm of a different sort hit the nomination last Friday.  Pennsylvania’s Democrat Senator Bob Casey announced his opposition to Adegbile because Adegbile worked for Mumia Abu Jamal, the killer of police officer Danny Faulkner.


PJ Media was the first news outlet to report on Adegbile’s work for the cop killer.

The Fraternal Order of Police and other law enforcement groups have vigorously opposed Adegbile’s nomination.  The question is will other Democrats follow Casey’s lead?

Senators from North Carolina, Louisiana, West Virginia, Arkansas, Montana and Alaska face difficult election prospects. Whether they want to vote for a man who opposed religious liberty, fought to keep white applicants out of law school, and routinely fights for racial criteria in hiring remains to be seen. Opponents have two more days to phone their Senators.

Danny Faulkner’s widow is also supporting a petition to oppose Adegbile.


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