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Biden: Obama Gave Me 'Every S*** Job In The World'

This story doesn’t need a set-up. Just enjoy it. Well, except for the part where Biden supposedly gets the last word with Obama. The man has been wrong on just about every foreign policy issue over the last 30 years. When his input isn’t ludicrous, it’s dangerous.


Vice President Joe Biden has revealed that the President assigned him ‘every s*** job in the world’ but he still wasn’t able to win Obama’s full support and began being effectively frozen out after one of his infamous gaffes.

The 71-year-old argued that he was happy to do the less glamorous tasks- like handling the at-times petty Senate fights and calming the fears of the infamously paranoid President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai- but only at a price.

‘When the president asked me what portfolio did I want, I said, “Base it on what you want of me to help you govern…But I want to be the last guy in the room on every major decision… You’re president, I’m not, but if it’s my experience you’re lookin’ for, I want to be the last guy to make the case,”’ Biden said in a lengthy Politico profile.

He went on to admit that Obama kept up his end of the bargain for the majority of their dealings, but the article reveals that there has been a definite frost between the two men that came after Biden announced his approval of gay marriage before the President.

Let’s review some of the s*** jobs that Obama handed Biden.

Obama named Biden “sheriff” over cutting government waste in 2011. Nothing has happened. Biden must have considered saving taxpayer dollars a s*** job.

Obama appointed Biden to handle gun control in 2012, in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragegy. The Democrats lost big on gun control in Congress, while gun sales shattered records in 2013. Actual sheriffs told Biden to take his gun control proposals and shove them.


In 2009, Obama made Biden the “sheriff” of the stimulus. A trillion dollars later, actual unemployment and underemployment remain high and the economy remains stagnant. Obama eventually admitted that those “shovel ready jobs” that he thought were just waiting to be found and funded by Sheriff Biden didn’t really exist.

In Biden’s defense, Obama did not hand him the job of building and rolling out Obamacare. That job turned to s*** without Biden’s sheriffing.

Read the rest of the Daily Mail’s story to see what got Biden banned from Obama’s strategy meetings in 2012. If a Republican president did what Obama did, Kirsten Powers would smear him as “anti-gay” for months.


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