Contest Winner: 3 Potential 2016 Candidates and CPAC Speakers in One Photo? More Surprises Too!


Photo Credit: Myra Adams

Thanks to all who entered our latest caption contest and special thanks that my “threat” was taken seriously.

Our grand prize winner was “rbj” with this entry:


Trump thought balloon: “So that’s what it looks like to stick to your principles.”

Our second grand prize winner was Chris Henderson (our reigning Caption King) with these two entries:

Three Presidential Candidates? More like three IRS targets.

How can they be Presidential Candidates when there aren’t any Teleprompters around?

Chris Henderson also had another winning caption for the photo of “yours truly” with Senator Ted Cruz.

In 2016 President Cruz appoints the new Secretary of Captioning

 RockThisTown wins an honorable mention for the same photo with this entry:

“Myra, I only have a few minutes – don’t filibuster the photo!”

RockThisTown had two hilarious captions for the photo of  “eyes only” with “The Donald” in the background:

Huge photo faux pas – Trump is to never be in the background! That photographer is so fired! 

Blonded by the right.

Now the reason I am not re-posting the two aforementioned photos is because of all the snarky personal emails I received from friends and family.

“Hair” is a sample:

How do you keep birds from nesting in that hair?

Didn’t I see you in that dress six years ago at so and so’s wedding? Your dress lasted longer than the marriage!


How could you even think of having your picture taken with that crazy man?

And the reason why a good friend dared not enter the official caption contest: Too much hair for me to respond.

Boy, I am glad that contest is over!

Finally, a darling family member who proudly works for the company that has achieved total world domination — sent me the photo shown below.

It is of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu taken during a meeting in Jerusalem last week.

My immediate response was that it HAD to have been photoshopped — until I saw it on the Washington Post with the caption, “The most uncomfortable photo in the world.”

And yes, for once I agree with the Washington Post, so no photo caption contest for this one.

Merkle Hintler

Credit: Yoav Lemmer for Agence France-Presse made available by Getty Images

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJM Tatler caption contest that does not happen to be “the most uncomfortable photo in the world.”






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