Iran's Deputy Military Commander: We Love Libertarians!

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri, recently told Iran’s Asriran news service, this.

[Jazayeri] went on to add that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports Libertarian groups and movements in the world.


“Supports.” In what way? Does he mean that in a “we really dig libertarians” (which the totalitarian mullahs very much don’t, philosophically) sort of way, or did he mean that in a “we fund and finance libertarian movements because we appreciate their dovish impact on foreign governments” sort of way?

Is this an admission that today’s big-L Libertarian movements have some sort of relationship with Iran that’s analogous to the nuclear freeze movement’s relationship with the Soviet Union? The USSR funded nuclear freeze — a western movement that boasted the likes of John Kerry and Barack Obama back in the day — to undermine President Reagan’s efforts to stand toe-to-toe with the Communist czars.

Because if that’s what’s going on vis-a-vis Iran and big-L Libertarians now, it could be significant.



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