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New Caption Contest: 3 Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates and CPAC Speakers in One Photo?

Photo Credit: Myra Adams

Photo Credit: Myra Adams

Can you spot all three?  Do you know what they were thinking the moment this photo was snapped?

Those are your challenges for our latest photo caption contest.

Here are some helpful hints: All of them will be speaking at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) to be held March 6 – 8 in Washington D.C. For those unfamiliar, CPAC is an annual gathering attended by all who matter in Republican politics — and my burning question is, “Which of these three will garner the loudest and longest applause?”

After being in the same ballroom with all of them on Friday night, I honestly do not know the answer to that question. So, if you plan on attending CPAC, please keep your ears open and report your findings.

More hints: One of the candidate/speakers has AMAZING hair and another is known for his Gifted Hands. All three have inspirational life stories that wow adoring crowds at GOP events. Additionally, the mainstream media is always looking for ways to shoot them down, but they turn that to their advantage with fundraising prowess and even more media attention.

Now, ( I am really going out on a limb here so PLEASE do not make me regret this) you may caption the photo below but “be nice” or I will stop correcting all the spelling errors and bad punctuation on your contest entries in the winner’s posts.

Cruz and me

Myra Adams and ?

Here is some important context about this photo: It was taken as I asked the subject if he could show me the target on his back that he inherited from Newt Gingrich as the Republican in Congress most despised by the “lamestream” media.  And, just seconds after I asked him about the recent remark made by Jonathan Karl of ABC News on a Sunday morning news show. Karl said our subject is so hated by fellow Republican senators that he will “need a food taster” in the U.S. Senate lunchroom — and he STILL smiled as this photo was taken. Good man!

Watch out Hillary, because he has “BIG MO” and tough skin.

Finally, you may also caption this photo below taken by a friend who was trying to position me in the same frame as the subject in the right background. He is the one who hosted this large event in his lavishly decorated living room resembling the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. (Google it if you attended public school after 1970.)

Seriously, this photo was not cropped or photoshopped and I am still trying to determine if it has some deep meaning, but I will leave that up to you.

Photo Credit: Michelle Kirk

Photo Credit: Michelle Kirk

So, do you have enough hints? Can you name them all? Can you write some clever captions?

Have fun and I mean it about the spelling and punctuation threat.