Krauthammer Destroys Global Warming Theory in 89 Seconds

That’s how the Foundry headlined their blog post on Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer’s appearance on Bret Baier’s show last night.

The Daily Caller:


“The president pretends that this is all settled science,” he began. “Newton’s laws were considered settled for 200 years until a patent clerk [Albert Einstein] in Switzerland turned them over with a single paper in 1903 — and that was pretty settled science. The idea that this is all settled is absurd.”

“However, even if you accept it, then you look at what he did last week,” Krauthammer continued. “He wants to pretend that these individual weather events are caused by global warming, which is supposedly the settled science. And The New York Times — which is not exactly a right-wing rag — it says that there is no definitive evidence that it is causing the drought in the West Coast.”

“In fact — and I’m quoting here,” he said, “the most recent computer projections suggest that as the world warms, it should be getting wetter, not drier, out there in the winter. So if you accept the settled science of climate change, you would have the exact opposite affect of what we saw last week in California.”

“So the arrogance of this is rather appalling,” Krauthammer claimed, “but worse is the application of it to our economy. Shutting the coal industry, hurting us in mass transit, getting us out of our large cars. All of this is driven by this ideology, which in and of itself is a matter of almost theology.”


The “climate blitz” by Secretary of State Kerry who is traveling the world pushing “solutions” to global warming began with Kerry identifying climate change as “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction” — a bit of lunacy that had even climate scientists criticizing him.

But it hardly matters. The president himself lied about the drought being caused by climate change when the most current models show exactly the opposite. Nor did either man mention the IPCC conclusion that there has been a 15 year pause in warming.

It seems clear that this administration will forge ahead, creating policies based on outdated or non-existent science. In the process, they are likely to destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, cause electric bills to skyrocket, and dig into the pockets of consumers by making energy far more expensive than it needs to be.

But hey! At least we’re saving the world, right?

Krauthammer video:


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