Even Chuck Todd Says the Obama Admin's Dismissal of the CBO on the Minimum Wage is 'Petty'

Someone over at religious channel MSNBC is straying from the faith’s central tenet: Barack Obama is the embodiment of perfection and He can do no wrong.

That temporary apostate’s name is Chuck Todd. He appeared on the channel and declared that the One’s fig leaf has been raked away.


Host Thomas Roberts kicked off the sacrilegious passage, asking Todd “Chuck, how does the White House pivot off the CBO defending back? With the CBO you can live and die by the sword when it comes to them and going on their numbers.”

Todd replied: “Especially the White House who feels, in more times than not, the CBO has been on their side on policy or at least confirm what their arguments on various policies issues, whether it’s on immigration, which is a big one about how many jobs it would create, or even on the health care law and on the debt but when it comes to the deficit. So I was surprised the White House have been as aggressive as they have been trying to push back on the CBO on this. They look now as petty and almost as if basically you agree with the CBO only when they agree with you…”

The only surprises are that anyone finds this White House’s pettiness surprising, and that MSNBC allowed this moment of heresy to get past the FCC’s monitors and onto the nation’s unsuspecting cable and satellite delivery systems.


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