NBC Depicts Married 23-Year-Old Olympian as Living an 'Alternative Lifestyle' (Update: Yahoo Too!)

Just read this and weep for our future.

David Wise is at the top of his sport. He’s always smiling among his friends and competitors, however, he’s not like the rest of the field. He is mature.

Not to say the rest of the freestyle skiers of halfpipe are not mature, but Wise is mature far beyond his years. At only twenty-three years old, he has a wife, Alexander, who was waiting patiently in the crowd, and together they have a two-year-old daughter waiting for them to return to their home in Reno, Nevada.

At such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an adult.


Well, at 23, he is an adult. He has been an adult for five years. He is old enough to have graduated from college, gotten married, started a family, become a world class skier — all kinds of adult things. Because he is an adult. He also sounds like a great guy.

He wears a Baby Bjorn baby carrier around the house. He also attends church regularly and says he could see himself becoming a pastor a little later down the road.

I’ll grant that in our day, when Christian business owners find their livelihoods threatened by Obamacare mandates and same-sex marriage proponents targeting them with lawsuits, being a Christian is a countercultural path. The culture and the media try their hand at tearing you apart, when they’re not mocking you.

But if being a married, responsible father at 23 is an “alternative lifestyle” then we are well and truly doomed.



Update: NBC has deep-sixed its own story. Click on the link above, and now you’ll get this instead of the story.



I’m sure they’re thrilled that we captured a screenshot of the original story.

Update: This story is such a train wreck for NBC. Note in the excerpts above that NBC names David Wise’s wife as “Alexander.” Her actual name is Alexandra.

Update: NBC aren’t the only ones who have gone after David Wise for being a married adult taking care of his family. Yahoo Sports says he is “wildy uncool.”



Update: NBC’s article is back up, here, complete with the poor spelling of Mrs. Wise’s first name.

Update: Sign. The last time I checked, 23-year-olds are adults. They can drink and everything.

If you take both the NBC and Yahoo treatments together, Wise’s perfectly sane and ordinary life is cast as “alternative” and “wildly uncool” in the most important part of the stories — the headlines. I see this as media elites once again reporting on flyover types as if they’re anthropologists studying some mystifying lost tribe. I guess some disagree.


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