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Kuwaiti: Naming Son After George Bush Was 'the Least I Can Do'

From the region where the U.S. was so hated until President Obama came in to reset foreign policy:

A Kuwaiti man, who named his son after former U.S. President George H.W. Bush – in a show of gratitude for the American leader’s efforts to liberate Kuwait after the Iraqi invasion in 1990 – has defended his decision against social media criticism.

“It would have been better for those who don’t like Bush to liberate Kuwait and not make us need his services at the time,” Nayef al-Mutairi told Al Arabiya News Channel on Monday.

…Asked whether his son is facing social problems over the “George Bush” name, Mutairi said: “My son lives a normal life and has no problems because of his name.”

“At home we call him Bush, but his friends call him George,” he explained.

When his wife was pregnant, the father, who was held captive by the Iraqis at the time of the invasion, vowed to name his future baby “George Bush” if it was a boy or after former British Prime Minister “Margaret Thatcher” if a girl.

…“My wife gave birth to a boy, so I named him George Bush. This is the least I can do for his efforts to liberate Kuwait and save us,” he said.


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