This Is Child Abuse, Progressive Style

Mommyish writer Marly Pierre-Louis writes that before her baby was even born, she and her partner intended to “gender bend the hell out of it.”

When I got pregnant, my partner and I knew we wanted to be thoughtful about the ways we helped our kids construct their gender and the way they viewed gender in general. Whatever sex our baby was born, we had every intentions of gender-bending the hell out of it. We toyed with the idea of raising a gender neutral child. But between the confusion and protests it would incite in our families and all the extra work it involved, we decided it wasn’t for us. What we really wanted was to find ways to equip our future children with the tools to think critically and the ability to challenge the notions of gender dichotomy that society would inevitably be pitching to them from womb to tomb.

Our next gender-bending challenge was clothing. As soon as our son was born, we were bombarded with utterly boring “boy clothes”. I had to lay down some rules. No sports! No “macho superhero’s”! And nothing with the words, “champ”, “all star” or anything of the sort. I was really hard core about this. I planned to balance out all the blues and greens with lots of pinks and purples and was ready to go to war with anyone who had a problem with it.

Turns out, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Even as a “progressive” parent, these binaries are still hard-wired within me and require some serious unlearning. I couldn’t fathom putting a dress on my son! If he asked for it, that’d be one thing. But doing so as a regular practice of gender bending? I wasn’t nearly as bold as I thought I was.


Over a hundred years of “progressivism,” yet this fool hasn’t figured out that men and women are biologically different.

When this boy goes to school, he will be behind his classmates in sociological development. His upbringing has set him up for a world of mockery, which won’t be the fault of the other kids. It will be the result of this boy’s foolish parents.

Here’s the kicker: The writer just really hates males. So she is abusing her son out of spite. She cannot claim that she is really gender neutral.

Even though I always played it off like I didn’t care what sex my baby would be, I secretly wanted a girl.

Read the rest. Why does being “progressive” always include going out of your way to create confusion and destroying things at their foundation?


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