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Wendy Davis Declares War on Texas

Meet “Wendy’s Warriors.” They’ll be pestering you on Facebook and Twitter soon. Davis’ tailspinning campaign sent this email out earlier today.


From Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh, to special interest groups and PACs, to Greg Abbott’s campaign itself — they’ve all attacked Wendy at some point.

They think attacking Wendy and her story will stop her from voicing her vision of the future. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Wendy is working to give voice to every Texas family. She’s not going to back down.But she needs our help to fight back.

Wendy Davis won’t back down? No, I suppose she won’t do that. She’ll just twist her positions faster than a Cirque du Soleil acrobat on speed. Her anti-gun show stance morphs into full support for open carry. Which morphs into cities should decide on guns, never mind that state law is superior to city law and the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms anyway. Her abortion radicalism morphs into “I’m pro-life,” which morphs into “Hey, on second thought I’d support the most controversial part of the abortion law that I became famous filibustering.” That’s not “backing down.” I guess.



I’m not talking about giving a contribution or volunteering some time. I’m talking about volunteering some space on your Facebook or Twitter to help us push Wendy’s message far and wide.

Wendy’s Warriors is our special group of supporters that are willing, every so often, to use their Facebook or Twitter networks to help Wendy and our campaign.

So let’s issue a BOLO — Be On the Lookout Order. Wendy’s Warriors are about to become a pestilence to Texans all over your social media.

Something tells me that Texans are ready for this.

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