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So Kirsten Powers Says that She's Tired of Defending Obamacare Too

Kirsten Powers has more of an excuse to defend Obamacare than Ron Fournier. The latter is supposedly a journalist. Powers worked for Hillary Clinton and is a career Democrat operative. Up to now, attacking Obamacare would have been a career-limiting move — especially with Hillary poised to run for a sequel to the squalor that was the 1990s Clinton White House.


But now that Hillary’s gearing up for a presidential run, she will necessarily have to distance herself from Obama and his policies. Anyone who wants to work for Hillary must do likewise.

Powers also says she is pro-life, yet supports Democrats up and down the ticket, and supports Obamacare and its mandate on nuns and Christian families own businesses to pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control. So, well, just keep all that in mind. It’s not that mandate or the ridiculous Obamacare taxes or its negative impact on the economy or any of the law’s other controversial provisions that has Powers upset. It’s the fact that Team Obama has rolled the law out with with undeniable, mind-blowing incompetence.

KIRSTEN POWERS: Well, I think his explanation is probably the true explanation, that they need to do this, but at the same time, it’s now gotten to the point where it seems like there’s an exemption made for pretty much everybody except for individuals. A lot of people who have really been screwed over by the law, you know, who are left without insurance or with extremely expensive insurance. So, I think that Ron Fournier of The National Journal wrote something that ran today about –

BRET BAIER: This was after he expressed himself last night on the panel.

POWERS: The headline is why I’m getting tired of defending Obamacare. And I’m going to say amen, brother, because it’s exactly how I feel. People who have supported the law, who support universal health care, are constantly put in the position of having to defend this president, who has really incompetently put this together, rolled it out, and that’s why he has to do this. It’s why he has to keep doing this, because it’s not working.


The law as written was not going to do what Obama and co. repeatedly promised it would do. Obama and co. knew this when they sold the law. They always knews that “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare” was a lie. Powers stood shoulder to shoulder with them when they told that lie. Now she is distancing herself from the enterprise as it has become indefensible. It’s also one of the weeks during which Powers alternates from trolling the right to trolling the left.

Plus, there’s that Hillary campaign to think about.

(h/t Hot Air)

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