All You Need to Know About Media Bias in One Paragraph

At the Austin American-Statesman, Jonathan Tilove lauds a New York Times puff piece on Wendy Davis. A long ways in, comes this section. Robert Draper is the author of the Times piece, which was obviously produced to rehabilitate the candidate after her origins story fell apart against the facts.


But, Draper places any flaws in her narrative in the context of a broader metanarrative – of the exigencies of a Democrat trying to get traction in Texas, and even more powerfully, of a woman in politics – that I think will leave most of her supporters in Texas, as well as national donors, satisfied that what she did was well within the acceptable limits of political myth-making.

Shorter Tilove: Sure Davis lied about her origins story, but that’s ok because she’s a woman, and because Democrats are underdogs in Texas.

Double standards, anyone?

Tilove also praises the Dallas Morning News, which praises Davis for being “well informed.”

That would be the same Wendy Davis who claimed to know nothing about the Kermit Gosnell case, which spurred the law that Davis filibustered but now says she would support part of. The same Wendy Davis who failed to run the numbers on her own education proposal, and who thinks “ships taking on water” is a good thing.

What a load.


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