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Obama Has a Phone. He Should Use It to Call Harry Reid About Trade Authority.

The Senate Republicans are trying to get President Obama’s attention with this video.

It’s a good video, and certainly more on point than the one that Organizing for Action just released.

At issue in the top video, fast track trade authority. Republicans support it because trade is good for jobs. President Obama claims that he wants to increase exports and spread the “Made in the USA” label around. He said in his SOTU that it’s time to “work together” and pass the Trade Priorities Act. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is siding with the unions that keep him in office, and is blocking the bill.

There’s no question that exports are good for jobs here at home. Texas alone benefits enormously from overseas trade. Overall, more than 1 in 5 American jobs are supported by international trade. Trade agreements help spur growth and job creation here. Nearly half of US exports go to countries that have free trade agreements with us.

Here’s a chance for the president and Congress to work together on an issue that isn’t divisive, isn’t loaded down with pork, preserves congressional and presidential powers, and will help create jobs. What’s he waiting for?