Sierra Club Warns Obama: Approve the Keystone and It Will Hurt the Democrat Base

Greenies are trying to scare President Obama out of approving the Keystone Pipeline, according to The Hill (warning: autoplay ad, then autoplay videeo. It’s pure evil.):


Proponents of the $5.4 billion Canada-to-Texas pipeline say their case is buoyed by the State Department’s environmental analysis of the project, which was released to great fanfare last week.

But critics say approval of the project could sow liberal discontent and hurt Democratic chances in 2014 — including a host of contests that will likely decide who controls the Senate during the final years of the Obama White House.

“It is very likely that there will be negative consequences for Democrats if Keystone were approved,” said Kate Colarulli, the associate director for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Oil campaign. “This is a tremendous opportunity to protect the climate and build the Democratic base if Obama rejects Keystone XL.”

“…build the Democratic base…” For an allegedly non-partisan group, that’s a very party functionary thing to say.

They’re also threatening terrorism if the president approves the pipeline.

Jamie Henn of the green group called the dispute over Keystone “the most iconic fight of a generation” and said the youth vote, which played an important part in Obama’s rise, could hang in the balance.

“A Keystone XL approval will turn a lot of people off from the process, and they will get involved in action that could be disruptive,” Henn said.




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