Karzai Blames US for Recent Terror Attacks in Afghanistan

How long will it be before our man in Kabul goes full 9-11 Truther?

The Washington Post, citing an Afghan official who it said was sympathetic to Karzai’s view, reported that the Afghan leader believes that dozens of attacks blamed on the Taliban have been planned by the U.S. to weaken his government and foment instability in the country. The official did acknowledge that Karzai had no concrete evidence of American involvement in any attack.

The report is another sign of the deepening rift between the U.S. and Karzai, who has continued to refuse to sign a tentative security agreement allowing for American troops to remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014, preferring to leave the issue for his successor following Afghanistan’s April presidential election.

U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan James B. Cunningham told the Post that Karzai’s reported suspicions represented “a deeply conspiratorial view that’s divorced from reality … It flies in the face of logic and morality to think that we would aid the enemy we’re trying to defeat.”


We’ve wasted 12 years, billions of dollars and thousands of lives trying to civilize a place that just doesn’t want to be civilized.


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