White House Emails Valerie Jarrett Trollbait

In an official email titled “Here’s what I did today,” White House adviser Valerie Jarrett describes the process of writing a State of the Union address. President Obama will deliver the annual address to a joint session of Congress next week. Jarrett, who has no formal title but is known to be closer to President Barack Obama than any of his cabinet officials or Vice President Joe Biden, is shown in three photographs.


In the first, she is seen in her office working on a computer. The caption says that Jarrett was “taking over” — the president’s Instagram account.



In the second photo, Jarrett is seen leading a meeting.


The third is a framed photo of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Jarrett circa 2003, emphasizing that Jarrett has been a close adviser of Obama’s longer than anyone else. This is a status shot.



The title and body of the email suggest that Valerie Jarrett is running the show behind the scenes in the Obama White House.



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