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Who Is Battleground Texas' Lisa Wortham?

Attorney Lisa Wortham is identified in James O’Keefe’s video making comments disparaging Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott because of his disability.


According to this Flickr page, Lisa Wortham is not a mere foot soldier for Battleground Texas. She is a city team leader.


Lewisville is a suburb northwest of Dallas, population just under 100,000

The photo above was taken on December 14, 2013, possibly at one of these local Democrat meetings.

Battleground Texas is likely to pull that photo from its stream. That’s why it’s screencapped here.

This is evidently her law firm page. I say evidently, because let’s do a before (from the web archive):


And after:


Notice anything different? The change occurred today, while I was looking at the site. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Wortham, attorney, was captured on tape pretending not to hear a confession of voter fraud. That’s just after the 2 minute mark in O’Keefe’s video.


The State Bar of Texas may have an issue with that.

Wendy Davis is claiming some of Battleground Texas’ campaign funds as her own in the totals she reports to the media.

She has also called Wortham’s remarks “abhorrent.”

Will she take any action, beyond commenting on it?

More: According to this want ad, “Battleground Texas Organizers are the face of Wendy Davis for Governor in communities across Texas.” Indeed.