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VIDEO: Watch Wendy Davis Democrats, Battleground Texas, Mock Greg Abbott's Disability, Condone Voter Fraud

James O’Keefe went inside Battleground Texas, the Obama-created Democrat group built to support Wendy Davis’ run for governor. What he found is, in a word, disgusting. Take a look.

The video captures a Battleground Texas voter registrar, attorney Lisa Wortham, saying “I really wonder how this is gonna work out since he’s in a wheelchair, and most of the slogans are ‘Stand with Wendy.'” Others in the room laugh.

Later in the video, Wortham says “What I think is amazing is he’s in a wheelchair, but he has no sympathy for anyone or any way.”

“He may have a personality disorder,” she says.

An unidentified Davis supporter goes farther: “First of all, he’s not good looking. He doesn’t speak very well. He doesn’t have a good personality. And he’s in a wheelchair.” Someone in the audience cackles with laughter.

Later, a Battleground Texas activist looks the other way at an admission of absentee voter fraud, and Wortham agrees, adding “People do it all the time.”