Look At What Wendy Davis Leaves Out of Her Website

Quick — name the one thing that made Texas Democrat state Sen. Wendy Davis famous enough that she is running for governor.

If you answered “abortion,” and her filibuster of a law regarding same, you’re right. That made her a national media darling, and brings her campaign cash in events like the recent “Night of 1,000 Vaginas.” What plays in Hollywood doesn’t often play anywhere in Texas, even batty Austin.


But you won’t learn any of that if you click over to her website.

Wendy Davis claims that she #StandsWithTexasWomen. But she does not mention her signature abortion issue on her own campaign website.

Click over to Davis’ “Issues” page.

It discusses education (where she has already underwhelmed), the Texas economy (which policies she supports are hurting), government accountability (ironic, given the Obama administration that she support’s record on transparency), and veterans.

Nothing about abortion. Nothing about the filibuster that is her singular claim to fame.

It’s like she’s running away from an issue she knows will hurt her in Texas, and is casting herself as something that she is not.


I’m starting to think that Davis may lead her Democrat Party to a 2010-scale historic defeat.


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