Greg Abbott Reacts to Video Showing Battleground Texas Activists Mocking His Disability (Update: Davis Reacts)

Earlier this afternoon, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a video showing Battleground Texas activists mocking him and condoning voter fraud. In the video, an attorney and voter registrar for the group, which is supporting Democrat Wendy Davis’ run for governor of Texas, is seen making a joke about the fact that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is confined to a wheelchair. Abbott is the presumed Republican nominee for governor.


Today, the Abbott campaign released a statement on the video.

AUSTIN – Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott today released the following statement regarding the release of Project Veritas’ video featuring Battleground Texas and Sen. Wendy Davis’ campaign:

“The content of the video denigrating the disabled is unworthy of our great state. Despite the distraction, I will continue my efforts to help all Texans rise in life and achieve their dreams. I will be a Governor who fights for all Texans – for children, small business owners, families, and entrepreneurs – a Texas that includes all.

“That’s exactly what I have been doing – while in a wheelchair. I’ve fought for more and better jobs, I’ve defended Texas and taxpayers from an overreaching federal government, I’ve protected children from predators to keep our communities safe, and I’ve successfully argued before the U.S. Supreme Court to defend Texas values.

“It’s that demonstrated ability and character that motivated Texans to elect me to statewide office five times. My service is a reminder of what Texans can achieve, regardless of their circumstances. Texans know that I will continue to fight for the greatness of Texas.”


Abbott was injured in an accident at age 26 that left him partially paralyzed.

You can view the shocking video here.

Thus far, neither Battleground Texas nor Wendy Davis has reacted publicly to the video.

Update: Wendy Davis is reacting to the video of her supporters mocking AG Abbott.




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