Open Thread: Expired Food Store To Open In Massachusetts

We don’t need no stinking “Use By” dates.

We’ve all heard about the massive food waste Americans incur every year.

‘Sell-by’, ‘best-by’ and ‘use-by’ dates are mostly unregulated and confusing for consumers when it comes to throwing items out –a factor that contributes to $165 billion of food wasted every year.

But the former president of Trader Joe’s Doug Rauch says he’s got a solution.

In May, he’s launching The Daily Table, a grocery store and restaurant in Dorchester, Mass., that will offer inexpensive food considered ‘unsellable’ by regular grocery stores.

Food available will include fruits and vegetables that are expired and repurposed food that will be incorporated into hot meals. Other items for sale will be products that are fine to eat but may have damaged packaging.


Hey, if good food is being tossed out because of regulatory zeal, why not make it available if it is still edible? That being said, I think there is some sour cream that has been in my fridge so long it’s learning a foreign language.


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