Senate Intel Republican: Probe Found 'Clear' Evidence Election Skewed Admin Narrative

One of the senators involved in compiling the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Benghazi said the investigation is still incomplete, and the political manipulation angle needs to be recognized.


“This report does not answer all questions due to the administration stonewalling and frustrating the inquiry as detailed in the report,” said Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho). “It does however move toward understanding this attack and the dereliction of decision making that could have kept our diplomats safe.”

“Despite these facts, President Obama still refuses to hold people accountable for their role in this terrible tragedy, all while al-Qaeda and its affiliates have spread throughout North Africa,” Risch added.

“It is also clear that in the run-up to an election, President Obama and his surrogates attempted to manipulate the facts about this obvious terrorist attack in order to fit their political narrative.”

The report found that not only were al-Qaeda-linked groups not yet brought to justice behind the attack on the diplomatic compound, but the administration regularly tried to stonewall the committee to impede its investigation.

The committee’s chairwoman, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), said on CNN yesterday that “there is no evidence that Secretary Clinton even knew about” the inadequate security in Benghazi.


“There are others that run these facilities, that evaluate these facilities, that make the decisions with respect to security,” Feinstein said. “But for the future, we now know that will have to beef up security. And we should do that. And rather than casting recriminations, I think the most constructive thing to do is see that any facilities which need increased security get that increased security.”

“Look, it came from a terrorist group. We know there were no — there was no demonstration. This was an attack, maybe not well organized, but probably 60 or so people. They set about burning the facility. They set out shooting and killing our — four of our people. And for that, they ought to be brought to justice.”


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