Armenian Slaughtered for Refusing to Renounce Christ (Warning: Graphic Photo)

Following the other day’s news that two Armenian families in Syria had been compelled to convert to Islam at the hands of the terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)—which, nonetheless, claimed that the conversions were done “willingly”—new information has emerged concerning the recent killing of a young Armenian man, Minas, for refusing to convert to Islam, again at the hands of ISIL.


He was reportedly killed in one of ISIL’s dungeons in Aleppo, north Syria, which has a notable Armenian minority.

According to iNews, “Minas and his father were held in ISIL’s prison for 115 days, according to one activist, and his accusation was that he refused to submit [to Islam, i.e., convert].”

iNews adds that activists from the region sent the above picture, saying it is of the slain Minas.  Other activists confirm that the picture is of a slain Armenian in Syria, but not of Minas.  In any case, the man appears to be wearing the garments of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Aleppo.

The same report mentions other Christian Armenians killed, including one who reportedly had “his head chopped off and placed in a biscuit box.”



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