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Anti-Vaccine Nutter Jenny McCarthy Is Probably Super Mad At India Right Now

You’re outta here, polio.

NEW DELHI: India marked three years since its last reported polio case Monday, meaning it will soon be certified as having defeated the ancient scourge in a huge advance for global eradication efforts.

India’s polio programme is one of the country’s biggest public health success stories, achieving something once thought impossible thanks to a massive and sustained vaccination programme.

Health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, along with global groups who have been working to eradicate the virus, hailed Monday’s anniversary as “a monumental milestone”.

While vaccines have a proven history of doing things like, oh, wiping out diseases, a cult of medical Luddites has grown in the US barking about vaccinations being the cause of autism and McCarthy has been the loudest. One little problem: there isn’t any proof that this is the case.

Sadly, we live in an era when a woman who got famous by getting naked for a camera can influence health choices people will make for their children.

You ever just feel like we’re all in a hidden-camera horror movie?