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White House Treats Obama's Golf Summit Like Oval Office Meeting

When the president has an important meeting behind closed doors, the White House sometimes issues a readout — general summary of what was discussed, with administration spin. After President Obama golfed for five hours with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, the White House tried to dress it up as a meeting of sorts by releasing a readout:

Today, President Obama invited Prime Minister John Key to play a round of golf in Hawaii. The two leaders have long discussed their shared interest in the sport, and they enjoyed the opportunity to spend several hours together on the golf course. President Obama and Prime Minister Key have developed a close partnership, which reflects the friendship and broad cooperation between the United States and New Zealand. While the two leaders are both enjoying some time off with their families and friends, they also reaffirmed our continued work together to deepen our trade relationship, enhance regional security, and support the democratic values that the United States and New Zealand share.

In the short time the press pool was allowed to view the game, it was more about high-fiving and teasing each other about putts.

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