Wait, the Obama Administration Just Gutted the Individual Mandate?

They must have Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” playing on a 24/7 loop inside the White House these days. Their signature law is collapsing around their ears and in states all over the country. Even deep blue Maryland may end up handing the Obamacare bomb back to the federal government. It’s getting hard to keep track of all the illegal actions that the Obama administration has taken to keep hope alive.


They dropped two major changes last night. One allows the sale of “catastrophic” health plans — weren’t they inadequate bad apples not so long ago? — to people who want them. The other is the eradication of the controversial individual mandate, for “hardship” reasons, for millions of that mandate’s victims.

That would be the mandate that sparked court battles culminating in one of the most bizarre Supreme Court decisions of the past several years.

That mandate. Poof.

This is madness, lawless insanity.

As president, you can’t just go around unilaterally re-writing laws and telling private industries what to do. That power is not granted to presidents in our system. It’s not there.

But that ain’t stopping him.

Obama is set to come out and deliver year-end remarks this afternoon. If he deigns to take questions, things could get real. He might even earn himself a less than Merry Christmas.


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