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Majority of the Uninsured Haven't Bothered to Check Out Obamacare, As White House Shifts O-Care Message to Defense

A new CBS poll shows that Barack Obama’s sales pitch has failed with his target audience.

More than two months after the health care exchanges opened, a new CBS News/New York Times poll reveals most uninsured Americans – 58 percent – say they have not looked up information about applying for insurance, while four in 10 have done that.

Forty-nine percent of uninsured Americans who looked up information were able to get the information they needed, but about as many – 48 percent – were not.

And there’s this.

Fifty-two percent of Americans think the law will increase the cost of their health care, but just 17 percent think there will be an accompanying improvement in the quality of the health care they receive.

Why would you go shop for a product that you think will hurt you? It’s like responding to this story by saying, “You know, I really need to go to Target right now!”

The brain trust behind the official Obama Twitter has evidently sensed that its sales pitch is flopping so badly that even Pajama Boy can’t save it. Its message morphed today, from touting the wonders of Obamacare to warning that it’s too big to fail.



Repealing it can’t be as expensive as keeping it.