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No Big Deal, Just Vice President Joe Biden Groping a Female Reporter at the White House

On religious cable channel MSNBC today, Chuck Todd warned not to underestimate just how much Democrats love Joe Biden.

Perhaps the warning should go the other way. Here’s a photo of the vice president really enjoying meeting The Hill‘s Aime Parnes.



Parnes’ expression plus the fact that she’s using her hands to put a clamp on Biden’s northbound paws say quite a bit. The fact that this incident wasn’t reported, and only showed up on her Facebook page, says even more.

The last time something like this happened…


…the Washington Post piped up to assure us that we shouldn’t believe our lying eyes.

But look, there may be a pattern of behavior here. And I’m not just talking about Joe Biden.

The Democrats have set a precedent for covering up for the dirty old men in their midst. I’m not just talking about Bill Clinton, but about former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. That Democrat got away with misbehaving with women for years when he was in Congress. His creepiness and dirtbaginess were well known in Washington for years. He would still be getting away with it — despite the fact that his antics were well known among media and the Democratic Party — if someone hadn’t finally spoken up about it. The Democrats covered for him. The media covered for him.

Maybe we should just start checking all White House correspondents’ Facebook photos. That’s where the real news seems to be.

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