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MSNBC Message of the Day: Barack Obama Is Benevolent and Gay

Religious cable network MSNBC rallied the faithful with a pair of heartworming messages. Toure reads a verse from The Audacity of Hope and declares that whatever color Santa Claus is doesn’t matter. Saint Nick is merely the forerunner to one who is greater.

“You do know there’s already a benevolent, generous black man in your children’s lives, who lives in a place that some people think is magical, who has given something to each and every American, whether they’ve been naughty or nice. You know who I’m talking about.”

George Washington Carver? The many uses of the magical peanut? No?

On a different show on the same religious cable network, host Thomas Roberts declared the president’s sexuality for him.

The show’s topic was foreign policy and Russia. Roberts opined, “How do you think the president can balance all the delicate foreign-policy issues, but take a decisive stand on human rights, because so many people consider President Obama to be the first gay president?” Roberts told Shawn Gaylord of the the Human Rights Campaign.

I guess if white Bill Clinton is the first black president, then straight Barack Obama who flirts in public with the sizzling Danish in South Africa gets to be the first gay president.