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Colorado School Shooter was a 'Self-Proclaimed Communist' (Updated)

Fellow students describe Karl Pierson as an argumentative person who always had to be right.

Senior Chris Davis, 18, was among many students Saturday trying to make sense of Pierson’s shooting rampage.

“He was a weird kid,” Davis said. “He’s a self-proclaimed communist, just wears Soviet shirts all the time.”

Rhetorical aside: Would he have have gotten away with wearing Nazi shirts?

Pierson became easily aggravated, “always liked to be right” and didn’t like losing, Davis said.

“It seems realistic, now, that he did it,” Davis added.

Pierson also used Democrat talking points to attack Republicans online. The 18-year-old condescended to people who disagreed with him as “cute.” He also favored tighter gun control laws.

Perhaps gun background check laws do need to be modified to make it more difficult for leftists to buy guns.

Update: Video — student says he was “very proud of being a socialist.”

Flashback: Based on Chris Davis’ story, Pierson wore Soviet shirts to school “all the time.” Fair enough, free country and all that. But remember what happened when a kid wore an NRA shirt to his school — in West Virginia, of all places?

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