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VIDEO -- Man Builds Shotgun Out of Stuff He Bought at an Airport Terminal

As it returns to session today, the U.S. House will take up a bill to renew the ban on “undetectable” firearms — plastic guns, guns printed on 3D printers, and so forth. After Cody Wilson demonstrated that 3D guns are a real thing, such guns are driving government to do what it does best — arrive late to the party and to little that makes any sense.

While Congress obsesses over what expensive machines can do after you’ve fed them with detailed 3D models and scans, look what Evan Booth did with batteries and other odds and ends he bought at an airport terminal.

A battery in the “gun” runs an electric current through a piece of wire when the trigger is pulled, melting the condom with heat. The water from the condom mixes with the lithium, and that reaction heats up the deodorant can so quickly that it explodes, forcing the “shot” – in this case, pennies – out of the rolled-up magazine barrel.

The BLUNDERBUSSiness Class, which was made from magazines, a pack of Mentos, a Red Bull can and some other stuff, fired pennies right through the drywall in the video. While it took about 10 seconds to fire after the “trigger” pull, it did hit its target and it did survive to be fired again. In the video it had massive recoil. But how much would a suicidal terrorist really care about that?

The McGyvered break-action shotgun isn’t the only weapon Booth has built from stuff you can buy at the terminal. Here’s his FRAGGUCCINO grenade. Here’s the PLANNED PARENTHOOD slingbow.

He bought all the materials to construct all of these weapons after passing through airport security screening.

The implications of all this, both for the House’s anti-plastic gun law, and for TSA’s Thousands Standing Around junk-touching security theater, are profound.