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Poll: Obama Crashes to 37% Approval, Obamacare Disapproval Up Sharply

The first question that comes to my mind is, who are these 37% who still support Barack Obama?



Just 7% think Obamacare is working well, but just 43% want it repealed at this point, according to this poll. Others have found support for repeal higher. Opinion on Obama’s honesty is divided, 49% yes, 48% no, which is down 11 points from September 2012.

Every day comes with new bad news regarding Obamacare, which was supposed to be Barack Obama’s “big f******* deal” of a signature law. As the bad news comes in, it undermines support for him and exposes the fact that he has no solutions. His responses to the Obamacare bad news have been to try waiting it out, then give a speech, then give a press conference, try another speech, then blame Republicans. That last is ridiculous, and he knows it, and everyone else knows it. He passed that law with no Republican input, and allowed the most partisan members of his party to write it and push it through. The GOP  base hates this law. It has never had majority support. Blaming Republicans for his own failure is ludicrous.

Even when he claimed “responsibility” last week he did it without showing any real leadership or really claiming responsibility. Americans still don’t even know what Obama knew about the failed website launch, when, and how. He has not come clean and probably never will. He said he wasn’t told “directly” that there were problems with the launch, which begs the question, “Were you told indirectly?” Why did he go Clintonian, and what is he hiding?

One question is what Obama’s support floor is? How low can he go?

The bad Obamacare news, such as his “success story” who can’t afford his Affordable Care Act, is just pushing him lower. The brazen lies he told are unusual political lies, in that they hurt real people in real ways and they know it. They know who to blame. Most presidential lies don’t have quite the sharp effect around American dinner tables as Obama’s have. He told people they could keep their healthcare. They believed him. They voted for him and made economic decisions based on his promise. It has been proven that he knew that wasn’t true the entire time. People who are now losing their healthcare or are having to pay more just to maybe keep what they have are going to blame him. They should. It’s his law that is causing chaos in their lives, despite his promises.

The bad news is only beginning. The employer mandate, which Obama illegally delayed, has not kicked in yet. When it does, a majority of Americans will lose our employer-based healthcare. That is baked into the law. Obama and his remaining allies can claim “grandfathering” and blame employers, but employers are always looking for better deals for themselves and their employees. So they change plans, and insurance carriers change plans here and there, all the time. By the time the employer mandate kicks in, how many employer-based plans will survive Obamacare’s grandfathering?

Obamacare’s repeal would ironically save Barack Obama from himself.