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Pelosi Isn't Sorry that She Isn't Sorry About Obamacare and Broken Promises

Congress wrote Obamacare and passed it, with then Speaker Nancy Pelosi leading the charge as she said that Congress had to pass it just to find out what’s in it. That makes her latest remarks all the more remarkable.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who shepherded Obamacare through the House as speaker, said Obama was “very gracious” in making that apology but that the president’s words – in the context of the law – were “absolutely” precise.

“There’s nothing in the Affordable Care Act that says that your insurance company should cancel you,” she told reporters. “That’s not what the Affordable Care Act is about. It simply didn’t happen.”

That cancellation letter that you got from your insurance company because your policy does not comply with Obamacare’s restrictions? Not real. Didn’t happen. Not her fault.

She continued that she did not make a similar statement to her constituents, noting that she “would have if I ever met anybody that liked his or her plan, but that was not my experience.”

Hm. Maybe Democrats meant the “If you like your healthcare” phrase in a different way than anyone realized. They didn’t believe anyone liked their plan, so the fact that the law jeopardizes so many millions of plans was never a problem and their promise wouldn’t be broken.