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Pelosi Wants Obama to Bypass Congress to Fix Obamacare

Here’s Nancy Pelosi hoping Barack Obama does something that every single Democrat said could not be done a few weeks ago, because OBAMACARE IS THE LAW AND YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT!

Pelosi is discussing the “fix” that the Obama White House may offer as soon as today, to fulfill his dishonest “If you like it, you can keep it” promise.

“Stay tuned,” she says, “it could be an administrative fix, it could be a legislative fix,” the latter said as her voice drops ominously. “I would rather it be done administratively because that can be done much more quickly without any accompanying agendas.”

But, but…IT’S THE LAW AND YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT! “Obamacare is here, get used to it,” commanded every Democrat in the country just a month ago.