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Democrats Who Didn't Read Obamacare Before Passing It Now Really Upset It May Hurt Their Re-Elections

These people deserve no sympathy. Democrats passed Obamacare against the objections of the majority of the American people, having never read the bill themselves. Then they participated in a three-year scam to keep the law on the books and get Barack Obama re-elected.

That’s two pig-in-a-poke scams — Obama himself, an untested cipher of a candidate, and Obamacare, the gigantic bill they didn’t read before passing and then defending — that these people either fell for or participated in. Or both.

So the Democrats who met with Obama at the White House today to make a show of giving him the business deserve nothing but contempt, really. They are either dupes, or accomplices, or both.

A private meeting on Capitol Hill with House Democrats and White House officials on Wednesday became heated when rank-and-file members expressed frustration about continued Obamacare problems, according to multiple sources in the room.

One congressional Democrat who attended the meeting said senior Obama administration officials Mike Hash and David Simas really “got hit” by House Democrats about everything from the troubled website to the broken promise that people can keep the insurance plans they like.

The most pressing political challenge for House Democrats will come this Friday, when they will have to vote on a House Republican plan by Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan that allows people to keep the policy they like.

Several lawmakers — even liberals who adamantly support Obamacare — stood and warned the officials that the White House must come up with a solution before the vote.

As CNN first reported on Tuesday, many House Democrats are feeling so much pressure from constituents on this issue, they may feel compelled to vote yes for political reasons.

Upton’s bill, and Landrieu’s similar one, is a bad bill on the merits, as it would just add more regulation and government control without repealing Obamacare if it became law, but politically its trolling point is obvious: Make Democrats vote on forcing Obama to keep his and their word. The Democrats’ palpable terror of the whole thing is already forcing the Obama White House’s hand, as HHS Secretary Sebelius is set to hold a conference call with reporters this afternoon and may release Obamacare enrollment figures.

Those figures are already keyed up to be yet another lie. Will they be a lie that these terrified Democrats will want to defend?

They’re Democrats, so, yeah. Democrats are party uber alles types.

h/t Hot Air