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VIDEO -- Chris Matthews Jokes About Chris Christie 'Crushing' His Wife During Sex

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, not exactly a svelte triathlete himself, joked Thursday about re-elected NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s weight.

TOM MCGRATH, PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE EDITOR: “Two days after Election Day, Chris Christie has crushed his opponent. Is he gonna be the Republican…”
CHRIS MATTHEWS: “The one I feel for is his wife.”
MCGRATH: “Why’s that?”
MATTHEWS: “Did you just say, “crush?” I mean, use your imagination. [Laughter] Use your imagination. You poor dear. You poor dear.”

Har. Dee. Har.

When Democrats can’t win on policy, which is most of the time, they work on smears.

Fat-shaming Christie may rouse the MSNBC faithful but it is almost guaranteed to backfire among saner folks. Millions of Americans struggle with weight. This disqualifies them from office, but lying repeatedly about serious policy doesn’t? Really, Chris Matthews?