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Video Flashback: HHS Secretary Sebelius Touts the Wonders of

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sat down in front of a camera and read a script touting back in July 2013. At that point, the untested site was still a couple of months away from its disastrous launch. Sebelius no doubt read her script at a time when warnings that the site wasn’t ready were passing, possibly unread, across her very own desk.

Let’s see what she said. is “easy to use,” Sebelius says in the video. “It has a live webchat tool, and a 24/7 customer call center to help you out.”

In her defense, Sebelius never says that either one actually works.

She also skips over the part where the phone center is tied to the website, so if the site doesn’t help, neither can the call center operators.

From there, Sebelius sends Americans to libraries and “community health centers” to get ready to sign up for Obamacare.

She touts the site’s October 1 launch date as a “brand new day for millions of Americans.”

In her defense, she never says that that “brand new day” isn’t one on which they lose their coverage and are forced to shop for a new, more expensive plan on a website that’s insecure and doesn’t work.

She kept that bit to herself.