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The Washington Post's Crusade Against the Washington Redskins

The Washington Post is comfortable in the role of crusader.  Usually the crusade manifests itself against local Republican candidates.  Now the crusade as turned against the Washington Redskins.

Not content to write about balls and strikes, wins and losses, the sportswriters at the Post now fancy themselves cultural observers and political pundits.

Chief among the crusaders are sports columnists Mike Wise and Sally Jenkins.

The pair have done the impossible.  They’ve made Redskins owner Daniel Snyder look sympathetic.

Mike Wise

Mike Wise

Wise and Jenkins have teamed up with the familiar gang of race hustlers and identity activists to turn the Post sports section into a regular anti-Redskins crusade.  They must not be familiar with the term – unsubscribe (which one can do at 202-334-6100).

Today Wise waxes on about Roger Goodell being on the “wrong side of history,” as if he is Theodore Bilbo or George Wallace.

It’s the same familiar formula: 1) Small numeric minority shakes down powerful interest in the name of race; 2) Pavlovian response from lefty media follows.

Never mind the fact that most American Indians like the name Redskins.  Never mind the fact that almost 80 percent of Americans, including blacks and Hispanics, are just fine with the name.

Wise chats with a pal.

Wise chats with a pal.

Sally Jenkins isn’t much better.  She wrote this admittedly funny but totally intellectually dishonest satire about Snyder’s effort to explain to the Redskins fan base why the name is here to stay.

Sally Jenkins

Sally Jenkins

Jenkins and Wise are symptomatic of what else is wrong with Washington.  A small number of people who think they know better, and who possess power, seek to impose their views on the rest of the nation.  They are convinced they are more enlightened than the rest of us.  Their perch at the paper gives them asymmetrical leverage over the American people.

But most folks don’t think they are enlightened.  Most folks think they are nuts.

Mark Levin was right when he said the only offensive part of “Washington Redskins,” is Washington.

So Hail to the Redskins from this Steelers fan.  Wise and Jenkins have done the impossible.  In making the Redskins the victim of yet another race hustling campaign, they’ve made them a team to cheer.