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Obamascare: A Halloween Horror Story

With all the horror stories of millions of people losing the insurance they were promised they could keep, and people paying many times more than they used to pay for premiums, it seems that a few scary truths remain unexamined.

Gun control isn’t about banning guns, but raising the bar to legal ownership until the ranks of law-abiding gun owners wither away. The Orwellian-named “Affordable Care Act” qualifies as part of the gun control formula, by drying up your discretionary income. How many more gun owners won’t be able to afford guns and ammunition once their new insurance premiums are due?

I remember receiving one annual premium-increase letter. The insurer blamed it on “cost shifting,” which is a euphemism for people using private hospital services without paying. Since hospitals couldn’t recoup these expenses, they raised prices on private payers and insurance companies to remain profitable. Thus, the law-abiding citizen who loyally paid their monthly insurance premium was already paying more to cover those who couldn’t afford it.

The same demographic also had access to our county general hospitals. In order to keep their doors open, municipal governments would raise taxes to pay for the increased cost of unreimbursed health care. Once again, the law-abiding taxpayer paid for those who didn’t pay their own way.

The same dynamic remains in play today under Obamascare, which requires another transfer of wealth from those who use less health care to pay for those who use the most.

Fox News wrote that in order for Obamascare to work, “private insurance companies… are relying on a major influx of new and healthy customers to make the system hum.” (Emphasis added.)

Even big-government, socialist media outlets can acknowledge this truth now that Obamascare is the law of the land.

CNN admitted that in order to succeed, Obamascare needs “young people, and people who are less expensive to insure, to sign up so insurers can offer affordable plans in markets that include older and people who are more expensive to cover.” (Emphasis added.)

The L.A. Times wrote:

Older and sicker Californians are likely to be first in line for guaranteed health coverage as the state’s new insurance market opens Tuesday as part of the landmark healthcare law.

Like shoppers queuing up for bargains on Black Friday, people such as 52-year-old James Craig, an uninsured day laborer, say they can’t wait to get their insurance cards.

“I think Obamacare is the greatest thing ever,” said the Los Angeles resident, who said he suffers from high blood pressure and hasn’t seen a doctor in years.

However, the program’s long-term success will largely depend not on those who need healthcare the most, but on those who need it the least: young people. (Emphasis added.)

So now law-abiding, working Americans must pay more for their own healthcare, and they still must pay more taxes to keep county general hospitals open, and their new insurance premiums will still increase because of all the unhealthy and uninsured people still using our healthcare system.

In Honor of Halloween

(With apologies to Rodney Lynn Temperton, author of “Thriller”)

Darkness falls across the land
Obamascare is close at hand
Obamadroids want more free stuff
Wailing that it’s not enough
Working people that are found
Lose their flesh pound by pound
As political stenches fill the air
That you’re not paying “your fair share.”

Supreme injustice reigns from on high
“It’s a tax, not Constitutional lie”
Prostiticians climb from every tomb
To send you to financial doom
For though you fight to stay alive
It sucks the blood of nations
For mortal freedom can’t survive
The evil of taxation.