#WINNING! Cop Fired For Pepper Spraying Occupy Idiots Awarded Settlement


A former University of California-Davis police officer made famous after being filmed pepper-spraying seated activists during a Nov. 2011 protest has been awarded a $38,059 workers’ compensation settlement, The Guardian reports.
John Pike, a 40-year-old former lieutenant on the university police force, claimed he suffered from depression and anxiety after receiving death threats following the incident.

A judge approved the settlement between Pike and the university on Oct. 16, according to KCRA.

The Guardian has more:

Pike was placed on paid administrative leave after the incident and was fired eight months later in July 2012 – although an internal investigation actually found he had acted appropriately.


In the goody bag of things cops can do to you if you resist an order to move, pepper spray is the closest thing to a polite nudge. It should probably be used a lot more.

The fact that he was even placed on leave shows what a grip the media still has on the country. All over America, the Occupy crowd did nothing but break laws. It never was a political movement, despite constantly being referred to by the MSM as such. The press and the Democrats pretty much spent six months covering for a bunch of violent criminals and a good chunk of the public believed them.


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