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Liberal Hates Obamacare Now, But Still Won't Admit that Ted Cruz Was Right

Liberal Hates Obamacare Now, But Still Won't Admit that Ted Cruz Was Right
(Image by miawicks9 from Pixabay)

The New York Observer has a guest editorial from Robin Hemley, self-admitted liberal. Hemley has tried and, like millions of other Americans, failed to buy health insurance through Obamacare. The experience leaves Hemley “pained.”

I’ve tried five times, by logging into the website and by talking to representatives. Each time I sign up, I’m stymied by a new absurdity. At one point, I was told that everyone but my wife was eligible for coverage, though she’s an American citizen. Another time, I was told that my immigration papers couldn’t be verified. Immigration? I was born in New York. Do New Yorkers need green cards now? Another time, my six-year-old somehow became the primary applicant. At least she earns nothing, so maybe that will lower my costs.

“Something’s not right,” the representative told me when the computer listed my daughter, Naomi, as the responsible applicant, before giving up and telling me to try again later. On top of that, I’ve had to enter my information anew each time I’ve applied (though supposedly my information is saved from session to session), in each case wasting an hour or more of my time. And the representatives I’ve spoken with seem to have been trained by Elmer Fudd or Mr. Magoo. They can’t even read their prepared scripts, don’t know the difference between optional information and required information, and seem hopelessly baffled by the system.

All of Hemley’s liberal friends report similar experiences.

But if you’re thinking that a light bulb is about to come on and these liberals will suddenly understand why Republicans have fought to save them from Obamacare, you’ll be very disappointed.

In the meantime, perhaps the administration should just farm out the website to people who can assuredly deliver, such as or Anything to prevent Ted Cruz from having the last laugh.

Ted Cruz wasn’t fighting Obamcare to have the last or any laugh. He was trying to save us all from that monstrous law, which was being implemented by a man who has no private sector experience and has surrounded himself mostly with other people who have no private sector experience. As a poor executive, Obama has proven himself incapable of spotting trouble as was being built, and on Monday appeared just as ineffective as the nation’s IT manager.

Obama’s team know how to campaign. They do not know how to do much else. Hemley’s Cruz quip shows that no matter how hard you try, some people just can’t be saved from themselves.

Watch for this in a few days to a week. If there have been no improvements, the Obama administration will start blaming Republicans for resisting Obamacare at the state level. They may even blame Rick Perry directly, since Texas is among the states that decided not to set up a state exchange. And when this happens, watch liberals like Mr. Henley follow right along.