Call Back When Employer Mandate Delay Ends: WH Touting Lack of Surge in Part-time Jobs

Unfortunately, their idiot mouthpieces like HuffPo are lapping it up.

The White House said on Tuesday there was no evidence President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare program is driving up the number of part-time workers, challenging the view of many business owners in the country.


As we have noted here, it really is already happening, even if not on a scale that’s impacting the overall jobs numbers.

The employer mandate delay gave small companies a chance to breathe for a while and, more than likely, hope beyond hope that the Republicans would somehow make this monstrosity go away.

So this is a case of the White House saying, “You don’t have to respond to this right now because it’s a nightmare that needs fixing,” then turning around and saying, “Look, they’re not responding to it so it proves that it’s not a nightmare that needs fixing!”

Thanks, John Roberts!


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