Bizarre: Battleground Texas (@BGTX) Is 'Ovary Sad'

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What the…?



“Ovary sad…” To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, this tweet is offensive to comedians.

The tweet conversation shows, once again, where radical Wendy Davis’ support is coming from — out of state — and how poor Davis’ allies’ judgement is. Joking about selling ovaries to donate the proceeds to a politician is just bizarre. Not at all in the mainstream of Texas politics.

If a Republican tweeted any of that, does anyone doubt that it would be a story in the Dallas Morning News by now? Does anyone doubt that it would spawn a handful of stories over the next few days about the “gender gap” and “sensitivity” and similar story lines? Does anyone doubt that it would be used to put the entire Republican Party on the defensive?

But so far, nope, nada, nothing. The media’s twitter guns remain silent.


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