NBC News: 'If the ObamaCare website were a patient, it would probably be in intensive care by now.'

NBC News (!) profiles a web programmer today who says that the problems with Obamacare’s web portal, Healthcare.gov, aren’t just glitches. They’re way beyond glitches.


Reporter Tom Costello asks web programming expert Luke Chung, “When you see this as a software programmer, what does it say to you?”

Chung replies, “Amateur hour. It looks like it was created by someone who has never delivered commercial software before.” He adds, If they don’t change management, this project is doomed, because we have already seen what the existing management considers ready for shipping and it’s not.”

In the world outside the government, the extreme and embarrassing Obamacare failure would have already resulted in multiple firings. A company embroiled in this bad a product rollout would have seen its stock take a major hit and the board would be demanding an investigation.

But President Obama has “full confidence” in the Obamacare CEO, Kathleen Sebelius.


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