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Act I Over, Budget Committee Theater Can Now Begin

Participation trophy time.

The group of Democrats and Republicans from the Senate and House of Representatives is expected to start working in coming days and would have to report recommendations by December 13.

While there are no prescribed consequences if the committee fails to agree on recommendations, government funding runs out again on January 15, and the threat of another federal shutdown will put pressure on lawmakers for a deal.


What pressure? The formula is well known now: posture, punt and preen.

It’s not like there’s going to be a big turnover in personnel on the Hill between now and January 15th of next year. These weak (non)representatives didn’t work so hard to kick the can just to kick it to themselves. They will punt again and then congratulate themselves for having save the country.

The only way a budget deal will be reached is if the GOP allows the Democrats to continue their financial jihad against successful people Americans but bleeding more taxes from the rich as a trade for some spending reductions that are sure to be almost meaningless.

Even the Democrats know that the general public doesn’t like their lusty quest for taxes, which is why they’ve been employing the euphemism “revenues” in recent years.

But they cannot and will not give up their penchant for spending our money as if they were drunken Kennedys in Tijuana.

And that is the real problem.

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