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JournoList's Ezra Klein: Yeah, the Obamacare Site is a Disaster

What’s with MSNBC and admissions of reality lately? Here’s 28-year-old Ezra Klein joining former BHO spokesman Robert Gibbs in admitting that their president’s signature program is a gigantic fail.

EZRA KLEIN: “The way this IT is going on is a disaster, I really don’t think people should soft-pedal what a bad launch this has been. They’ve done a terrible job on this website. We’re a couple weeks in now, and people can’t sign up, people have tried 20, 30, 40 times. It’s one thing for that to be true the first three or four days, it’s another thing for it to be true two or three weeks in. The thing people are getting very concerned about is, what if it is not just the traffic, right? There’s a front-end problem with the traffic, they designed the website where you had to go through the signup process before you can even browse. That is something we’ve begun to fix. That was the big traffic bottleneck, but behind that traffic bottleneck, there is not the worry that there are deeper, more systemic problems in the way different computer systems are interacting with each other. What is being put forward. I’m not sure, nobody’s sure, frankly, whether that will actually manifest, but I think it should be said: One of the Obama administration’s jobs, separate from all of the political stuff we talk about here, is to simply run things like this well, to run their signature legislative initiative well.To do government in a way that makes people confident and able to use it. On that, so far, this has been a big failure.”

That last part is what worries Democrats the most. Not that their policy won’t work — as it’s designed to fail and usher in single-payer — but that it will fail in a way that hurts their brand.

Obama and the Democrats’ brand is Big Government, bigger than anything before, government on steroids with Lance Armstrong doping it to a whole new level. But they sold it as a smarter, bigger government. What they have delivered instead is a big, stupid, bullying government that is wrecking jobs and health care at the same time. The disaster of Obamacare’s web site alone could take three years to fix, according to Aetna’s CEO. That’s the final three years of Obama’s presidency, with his signature law looking like a mess.

What’ll that do for the Kleins of the world, who want bigger government taking over more and more of the private sector?