Wendy Davis Campaign, Battleground Texas, Misfire Again with Insensitive Attack on Texas Attorney General

Battleground Texas, the Obama-run group of out-of-state political operatives, is leading the Texas Democrats’ campaign to install Wendy Davis in the governor’s mansion. Battleground Texas is supposed to fill the role of political pros blazing a trail for the Texas Democrat campaigns, who have not won anything statewide in Texas in a very long time.


Emails like the one Battleground Texas sent out Thursday will not make their difficult task any easier.



Notice the text highlighted in red. There’s a problem with it. A big problem.

This is Greg Abbott.



Abbott, 55, has been wheelchair-bound since the age of 26. While that has never slowed Abbott down, it’s fair to say that it has prevented him from walking into a house in El Paso or anywhere else.

To quote Battleground Texas, “Great joke, right?”

Battleground Texas’ email highlights a couple of problems with the group. One, its non-Texas staff apparently does not know even basic facts about the state’s elected leaders. Two, in their their zeal to attack Texas’ leaders they have evidently become extremely insensitive.

The email, or rather the silence so far regarding the email, raises another question: Where are the Texas media on the story? Surely Christy Hoppe, the Texas Tribune and other political reporters and outlets covering the campaign are on the Battleground Texas email list and received the email above. It went out Thursday afternoon, so they have had time to write up pieces about it. But where are those stories?


Battleground Texas’ email flub isn’t the first mistake that the error-prone Democrats have committed supporting Davis’ campaign. On the day of her big announcement, Davis’ first official campaign email included a link that was intended to go to her own campaign web site. But instead, it pointed to a site created to expose her record.

Davis introduced herself to Texas voters in a video that included iconic Texas imagery of cattle ranchers. But that video just highlighted the fact that when Davis had the chance to protect cattle ranchers from thieves by increasing the penalties for livestock theft, Wendy Davis voted with the thieves.




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