Exclusive VIDEO -- Russian Immigrant Warns that America Is Following the Path of Russia

A PJTV volunteer was out Thursday night with the Truckers Ride for the Constitution preparations outside Washington, D.C. He captured this interview with Andre, a trucker who emigrated from Russia. Andre told our correspondent that he fears for America’s future.


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“I am sick and tired of the situation that’s happened, that elitists manipulate,” Andre says.  “Like, in America and Russia is the same story.”

“I’m just sick and tired of these regulations, they’re trying to take all our money that we’re making to pay for this federal endorsed printing,” Andre complained, warning that inflation will strike the U.S. economy, robbing our currency of its value.

PJTV’s volunteer asked Andre if he sees any parallel between the direction the U.S. is taking now, and Russia of old.

“Right now, I’m kind of scared,” Andre admitted. “I came to America because I thought this country is like, number one, but now I see that America is taking a real way, like Stalin did.” One piece of evidence that Andre provided is the consistent attack from the left on the right to bear arms.

The Truckers Ride for the Constitution starts Friday on the DC Beltway.


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