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Poll: 57 Percent of Tea Party Approves of Government Shutdown

A CBS News poll out taken since the government shutdown began Oct. 1 found 72 percent of those surveyed disapproving of the shutdown, with 59 percent disapproval among those who don’t like Obamacare.


Among those who self-identify as Tea Party, 57 percent approve of the shutdown and 40 percent disapprove.

Eighty-six percent of Democrats surveyed disapprove of the shutdown, compared to 49 percent of Republicans. Independents disapprove by 76 percent.

Who gets the blame for the shutdown? Republicans in Congress are fingered as the guilty party by 44 percent, while President Obama is the main culprit according to 35 percent.

Those are essentially unchanged since the blame-game question was asked before the shutdown.

When asked who should compromise to reach an agreement to end the shutdown, 76 percent say Obama and the Democrats should bend while 78 percent said Republicans in Congress should.

Thirty-eight percent of Republicans surveyed said their party should hold fast and not compromise, while 36 percent of Democrats wanted the same kind of resolve from Obama and congressional Dems.

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